Is it that important to be right? (A Reprise)

The last time I blogged was in 2010…that’s five years ago! So much has happened since then — I’ve ORD-ed, started working, found a girlfriend (hehe). While things have changed over the years, some things still remain the same. I still love God and Heart of God Church. I still love my life and loving others.

So, why start blogging again? Oh! How I missed typing rhetorical questions. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… I’ve never felt quite right with micro-blogging. Words often come to me in a flood, and I realised it’s time I gave them a home again. Hence, I felt it appropriate to start again where I left off. I’ll start by sharing my last post from my previous blog. Strangely, the words from the post still resound with me (even after five years) — especially with all the flaming going on about LKY, Amos Yee, and every-o-facebook comment box. So, here we go..

Is it that important to be right?

Somewhere along our lives, someone has told us that we’re wrong. At times, we may agree… More often than not, we don’t…

Why do people find it so important to be right?

What do you gain from being right?

When you are right, you feel justified, vindicated… But at what cost? As I reflect and think about friends that came and go… One thing everyone had in common, they were right. Perhaps they felt betrayed (maybe they were), and therefore had the right to leave a place or dump their friends. Again, my question, at what cost?

The opportunity cost of being right sometimes doesn’t add up (oh if dear economics can be applied to such a context). You can be right… At the cost of everything you’ve ever lived for.

Someone told you off.
Your loved one cheats on you.
The colleagues at work backstab you.

You have every right to be angry, to punch that person in the face, to leave your lover, to bring a gun to work – to tow every single of those monsters down. Yes?

We all know how such stories end. How many lives have been ruined because someone just had to be right? How many families have broken up because both parents felt the need to be right? So then, what’s your cost of being right?

We can be totally right, but absolutely wrong at the same time.

“Your leaders always tell you the truth about yourself even though they have nothing to gain from it.”

Many times when I’m being discipled a spirit of self-righteousness rises up inside of me and starts to justify all that I’ve done. Over time, I’ve learnt to shut that voice up… Because being right then will only costs me my destiny, my sonship. If we feed that spirit, it will only grow into pride.

I take a look at our world, at how evil people can be… The monstrosities and treachery we come up with… If God decided to wipe us all out, burn us out in an apocolypse, I dare say, it’s the right thing to do. Yet, “for God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

God doesn’t do what’s right, instead He does what matters to us. And I’m thankful that He’s been gracious to me.

Hahah my my, wasn’t I angsty. Nevertheless, it serves as a reminder for me… Being correct isn’t everything. I value loyalty in a society that teaches us every man for himself. When we die we answer for our actions, not for others. And loyalty, not being right, is how we learn to serve a King. For He knows the thoughts and intent of our hearts, but have we ceded our heart to Him?


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