Pasar Malam

The Geylang Serai Bazaar is open again!

I love Yu Char Kway and Ramly Burgers!

Char Kway
Char Kway before it’s fried!
Fried Char Kway
I really like the sauce… tastes like what they pour over the fishballs sold in roadside stores in the Philippines.

But two nights ago… I discovered this… CookWerx! They have Coney Dogs, Nacho Cheese / Beef Fries… *drools* Happy food hunting everyone!

Nom nom nom
Nom nom nom
Save your throat after all the fried food! Favourite Birds Nest Drink store.
Save your throat after all the fried food! Favourite Birds Nest Drink.

Nadine and I also chanced across My Fairy Lights and they sell… Fairy lights. Very pretty fairy lights! They’ve got this whole mini art-festival thing going on beside their stall. You definitely won’t miss them if you’re heading to the bazaar from Paya Lebar MRT / Paya Lebar Square.

My Fairylights

So pretty right?!
So pretty right?!

To all my friends who are fasting, deepest respect to you. I’ve been reading many of the Facebook articles you’ve posted and realised there’s so much significance to this season for you. Maybe we’ll catch each other at the bazaar some day!



I once bought a book on Decision Making. After going through the first chapter. I stopped reading it when I realised past the first chapter was some new-age-nirvana-thinking-psychology kind of book. Why was I even attracted to such a book in the first place? Because decisions matter! If you’re like me, growing past your twenties and starting out in life… You start to realise that every decision you make has an effect on your life, or, your decisions affect those around you. Every decision may cost you time, money, or even a piece of yourself…

Hence, I was so excited last weekend in HOGC when Pastor Tan Seow How taught on Faith-based Decision Making.

This part of the sermon got to me:
– It is important that we make decisions out of Faith and not Fear
– There are also people who don’t dare to make decisions
– They avoid and abstain from them
– Not making a decision is already making a decision
– Instead of living by design, they live by default or drifting

I feel sometimes I’m the one who tries to hide away from decision making. We’re not afraid to give our input. But when it comes to taking the plunge, who dares to do it? It’s great that all the youth hear this sermon too – I’m sure I have many friends who would agree they would have made some better decisions in their lives (maybe not taking History, Economics, and Literature together during JC?). Hahahahah. Heart of God Church is really the best place for youth to grow up in.

I was so moved at the end of the service… To trust God more, and to learn to make decisions out of faith!

4 Amazing Characteristics Of Heart Of God Church Youths


Most of the youths are not rich, we don’t have the 5 Cs (Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium or Country Clubs)

However, the amazing thing about youths in Heart Of God Church is that we have these 3 Cs.

1. Creativity.

To many adults, cash can solve most issues. From small issues like who to fix the bulb at home, to large issues like buying houses and much more. Working adults have grown to use cash as their first resort to solve most issues in life. Some even use cash to solve relationship issues, or even deeper issues like insecurity or purposelessness.

On the other hand, youths don’t have much cash! We receive monthly allowances that only satisfy our hunger, transportation and the occasional Starbucks Coffee when we study (haha…) With that, cash is not our first solution to most problems. What we have is creativity, we are resourceful with what…

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A random string of pictures~

Dad and Mum have been in China for a week!

Tourist Picture in China
Tourists in China. Parents entering the Wu Gorge.

Dad’s been updating us on most of the trip with smiley photos in our family Whatsapp. Here’s our family group Whatsapp picture – and I now present to you proof that I was born with a tan.

Yong Family Portrait
Hehe, 二姐 seems to like me… For now…

Until this happened…

From 二姐's fb!
From 二姐’s fb!

Haha things got better when we watched and played Pokemon, Buffy, and Friends together. A few weeks ago I came home to see 大姐 and Sam (brother-in-law), and 二姐 watching Buffy Season 1 Episode 1. It was soooo bad, but soooo nostalgic.

Ok, last one. Here’s my Whatsapp profile picture. Taken during KS’ wedding.


As I grow up, I want to remember that not everything has to be done with an agenda. Relationships with my family and friends are also meant to be enjoyed and savoured. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend and services and classes! 😀

A Day of Remembrance

As I read about the Sabah Earthquake, my heart broke. The faces of the young children who lost their lives left me in a poignant moment… They could have been anyone of the children I see weekly in my classes, in Children’s Church…

As we mourned our country’s loss on the National Day of Remembrance, some people took to the internet to lambast the Ministry of Education and Teachers. Something didn’t sit right with me, and then I found myself recalling something that happened to me many years ago…

When I was 10, I followed my sister on a school trip to Thailand. It was a sort of an exchange programme between schools for the Chinese Orchestra. This was no leadership camp – we were there mostly to eat, play, and have fun.

We were on the bus heading to Pattaya, or back to Bangkok (it’s all fuzzy now). I was taking a nap, before awaking to screaming and feeling myself being thrown off my seat… The weather was bad and the driver took too quick a turn. The bus skidded and flipped on its side.

As young children, many of us crawled out of the wreckage… We knew immediately we had to break the glass to escape. Even after getting out of the bus, some of us went to get help for those who were still trapped inside. Contrary to some opinions that children are helpless, we might be surprised at the resilience in a child in such a time.

I remember being helped out to a nearby kerb where I sat down to wait for help. I’m thankful the person who helped lift me out of the bus. I don’t remember who, but thank you. I watched the bus from afar. Had mum gotten out? I clasped my hands and mouthed the same prayer repeatedly. God, please let no one die. God, please let no one die.

Were we prepared for such an accident? No… Did we blame the school for organising the trip? No… It was an accident…

And this was where I found some peace in myself with what’s been on the news today.

No one could have known that this would happen on Mt Kinabalu that day. It was an accident. But I want to thank the teachers and guides who put their life on the line to protect the children, there is nothing more you could have done or given in such unforeseen circumstances. Nothing. You gave your lives instead of preserving it, and you have my deepest respect… I do not know where I would be if that person had not lifted me out of the bus that day.

As someone who had went through such an ordeal, all I hoped for at that time was for my friends to be all right, and the support from those around me.

Let’s pray for those who have returned to be all right, hope for those who haven’t returned, and support those who are grieving in their time of need.

Thank you, Teachers. From TKPS and everyone of you who take care of children daily. Keep doing what you’re doing. Do not be affected by the naysayers, because you are making a difference in the lives of the children.

Today is a day of remembrance, not a day of finger pointing. Let the people have their peace. You may not agree with what I’m saying… Let it rest till another day. This is Singapore, you know that new rules and guidelines will come into place quickly enough. We learn from our past mistakes… But today, as a sign of respect, let the people have their peace.

Edit 10 June: this article by Pastor Tan Seow How encapsulates what I feel and want to say. Read the article: Falling Rocks and Throwing Stones.


Okay I’ve been guilty of being too serious on my blog. HAHAHAH so here’s a post about Nic and me. People say we look alike. Do we, really?

Nic and Me
Long long ago
Ghosts are Ok
Celebrating Nic’s birthday at BITP

Anyway, we had a Hearthstone duel on Sunday night. And this is me, zapping off his entire board. Hehehe (I won this round).

Hearthstone Zap
Lightning Storm those minions away!

Happy Monday everybody!!!

Edit: 5 June – We’ve both deleted Hearthstone. Hahahahahaha.