A random string of pictures~

Dad and Mum have been in China for a week!

Tourist Picture in China
Tourists in China. Parents entering the Wu Gorge.

Dad’s been updating us on most of the trip with smiley photos in our family Whatsapp. Here’s our family group Whatsapp picture – and I now present to you proof that I was born with a tan.

Yong Family Portrait
Hehe, 二姐 seems to like me… For now…

Until this happened…

From 二姐's fb!
From 二姐’s fb!

Haha things got better when we watched and played Pokemon, Buffy, and Friends together. A few weeks ago I came home to see 大姐 and Sam (brother-in-law), and 二姐 watching Buffy Season 1 Episode 1. It was soooo bad, but soooo nostalgic.

Ok, last one. Here’s my Whatsapp profile picture. Taken during KS’ wedding.


As I grow up, I want to remember that not everything has to be done with an agenda. Relationships with my family and friends are also meant to be enjoyed and savoured. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend and services and classes! 😀


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