My name is Will

Here’s a Sunday morning joke from a student.

Will hated being in the army.

He was particularly afraid of the shooting range.

Fire at will! Fire at will!



Zoom B3

It’s a little old but there are many nuggets inside… The cute 8-bit pixel pedal pics (that resemble their real life counterparts make me happy too)!

Aphex Punch Factory. Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor. Pedals I’ve had but could never keep on to – the SMX was so old that its circuits were breaking. The Sansamp BDDI also gets close enough to the characteristics of the real pedal (for me). 

Plus, a drum machine and looper!!! Hahah been having lots of fun practising the past few nights. 😀

Take a walk…

“But…but… I really want a Playstation… You promised!!!”

“ALL my friends have one…”

I was in tears. If you do well for your exams, if you do this, if you do that… My parents held it off for as long as they could… But this time no meant no. I was beaten and broken. What could I do? I learnt that there could be a hundred different reasons why my parents chose not to let me have a Playstation back then. I then realised I had two choices:

1) Grow old enough to buy one myself

2) Continue whining

The first option seemed pretty tough. I’d have to learn about responsibility, and it would actually take time. The second way might work if somehow my parents caved in… But… Nah, probably not going to happen. So I picked the former, and what did I learn so far?

No whining’s going to help.

To get results you have to study. No whining’s going to help. To receive love you have to give it. No whining’s going to help. To be the person I want to be, I need to change. No whining’s going to help.

I don’t want to be just be another loud voice on the internet dictating what’s right or what’s wrong. I would love to go on how polarised the Internet has made us the past few days. But no, I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to get out of my chair, turn Facebook off, and find someone who needs help, and help them.

I’m not going to whine, because that doesn’t change anything.

When you see someone fall down, pick them up.

When you walk past someone selling tissue paper, take out that dollar and give it to them.

When you see someone in pain, sit down and hear them out.

Maybe the most important part of upholding the Great Commission is actually to GO.

I’m going to take a walk and do something. What are you going to do?

p.s. In case you’re wondering if I really got a Playstation in the end. When I got old enough (I think it was during my JC days) I eventually bought an old Gamecube off Cash Converters. I called my neighbours for a Mario Kart party and we went crazy. Two weeks later the Gamecube started collecting dust and I sold it off.