The Reversal

Throwback to awhile ago when the writers crafted this Reverse Poem in Heart of God Church. Really beautiful! But the story is told better by CJJ, who did the video together with OZY!


Seen this intro video in church?

Screenshot 2015-10-06 00.55.14Screenshot 2015-10-06 00.55.30Screenshot 2015-10-06 00.54.43Screenshot 2015-10-06 00.56.03Screenshot 2015-10-06 00.56.20Screenshot 2015-10-06 00.56.41

Curious to know more about how the video came about?
Here’s your answer!
The idea of the video was to use the allegory of a reverse poem to illustrate the redemptive nature of God.
Although we may sometimes see things negatively, God sees it in the reverse way. He sees it as positive. There’s always good in the seemingly bad situation.
And we wanted to illustrate just that.

How we did it was through the use of the reverse poem. What this means is that when you read the poem backwards, it still makes sense and the meaning changes completely.
So after conceiving the idea, we had to begin storyboarding.
Zhiyi and I gathered the references of the feel we wanted then we began taking photos and footages.
The real challenge, however,was to get the reverse poem to sound right. There were many drafts and…

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