Truffle Trouble

It’s official, I hate the smell of truffle, and I blame McDonald’s festive special, Truffle Shaker Fries…


This comes as a real shock to me because, I’ve never hated a smell in my life. NEVER. I mean, I’m a fan of Durian and Smelly Tofu… My house sits right beside the garbage dump (and the garbage dump in the estate next door). Every noon I’m educated to what a Rafflesia flower might smell like – I could live with that.

Once in Secondary School I played a game of chicken with Zu Kai, to see who could outlast the other in a toilet cubicle with a choked toilet bowl. I’ve never flinched at a smell… Until now.

I’ve always imagined truffle fries to taste like cheese (since it looks like it). Surprisingly, I’ve downed a basket of truffle fries before, but the smell never hit me this bad. However, it all started last week at a wedding dinner when I was introduced to a bowl of truffle soup. I exclaimed that it was some sort of snow fungus thing… Little did I know I was being introduced to my newly uncovered nemesis… Truffle.


I did my research (google) today, and I’ve learnt that truffle isn’t far from snow fungus. THEY’RE BOTH FUNGI. Yesterday, I dipped my hand into a packet of truffle shaker fries to make sure that I wasn’t just making a big fuss out of nothing. The truffle powder has embedded itself under my fingernails, and the pungent odour continues to haunt me as I type this dessertation (har har, I’ve not lost my sense of humour, but I’d like to lose my sense of smell now, thank you).

As I lay down, suffocating under the influence of truffle, I let out a cry… Why God? Why truffle now? After 26 years… Why now? It’s like… Kryptonite.

Strangely, the familiar still small voice spoke to me. These few days, I’ve been wondering why the world can’t just agree and get along. Why is everyone so unwilling to share each other’s point of view? Why can’t everyone love truffle?!

Truffle, son.

To some people, somethings are as suffocating as truffle is to you. It’s not even about being understanding… the very smell of truffle goes against your entire being. But just because you can’t stand truffle, doesn’t mean others will feel the same way.  That’s the way people are, and isn’t that something special?

Yes… Special indeed. I’ve learnt my lesson now, will McDonalds please, never ever have a truffle special again? (Haha, sorry truffle lovers)


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