On the Bench

I read this article about learning while sitting on the bench (in sports). It spoke to me.

There was once I couldn’t make it for a rehearsal and play the bass for that weekend. I was so worried I would miss out, but Pastor Lia told me reassuringly, “Don’t worry, you’ll always have a place to play on the team.” I won’t forget those words..

Even after so many years, I still get the opportunity and privilege to do so. In fact, for the past two weekends, I was given the chance to do so again…and I absolutely loved it! It’s all about the team. (:



“Aiyoh, 为什么你晒到哪吗黑?”

I get that a lot, and I tell them I was born with it. Now here’s the picture to end the debate.


Love this picture.

I recalled this because earlier today my mum was trying to give me some traditional dessert, and mentioned that she drank it lots when she was expecting me. Thanks ma, for giving birth to me and taking care of me. Happy Mother’s Day! (: