Chapter 4: A Mood For Food

Our flight to Kalaymyo was delayed because of bad weather along our flight path! We were trapped in Yangon’s domestic airport! BUT, because of the flight delay, we were given free fried rice! According to Pastor Paul, it was the first time this had ever happened (the free food, not the bad weather). Food makes us happy by the way… Incredibly happy. Which is why the story is going to take a detour, and take a moment to talk about the elusive dishes that have captivated the team to this day.

IMG_2016-07-22 18:28:28.jpg
Food makes us Happy

First up, the soup of all soups… A thick broth imbued by thick chunks of layered meat. You’ll never be able to find ingredients to replicate anything close to this in Singapore. Plus, this was from a simple decent diner. You’d probably need to find some 5-star restaurant to have this here.

IMG_2016-07-22 18:31:55.jpg

Next up, it’s…. SPECIAL EGG (that’s really what it’s called on the menu)! A HUGE egg omelette peppered with meat and veggie pieces inside. It even had quail eggs by the sides together with its marvellous sauce.

 IMG_2016-07-22 18:27:04.jpg

Oh special egg!!! Even our food extraordinaire, Joram-sy, could not properly deconstruct and remake it. To this day, we have tried and failed every single time trying to replicate this. Whether it’s getting the egg puffed enough or large enough… We just can’t. Alas, goodbye special egg.

Okay, that’s about  enough about good food – time to get back down to business.

A slight drizzle… No, the rain drops pelted us like bullets as we made our way across the tarmac to our propeller plane. The cold winds gushed as we entered the cabin. We felt like heroes. We were scared out of our wits. The monotonous hum of the engines buzzed the entire cabin as the propellors whirled to life… Here we go…

Next stop, Kalaymyo! Stay tuned for the next chapter!


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