Why God never received a PhD

Saw this posted on Facebook. Decided to take a jab at it since Philosophy encourages reasoning :S


  1. Which of the 66 books are we referring to?
  2. Translated into 554 languages as of September 2016
  3. Jesus fulfilled more than 300 prophecies written over 1500 years. How about a Cross reference?
  4. Who would you nominate for God’s peer review?
  5. Some don’t
  6. He keeps the galaxy orbiting and gravity going so people can learn to keep their feet on their ground
  7. It works both ways
  8. I believe it’s actually because we’ve gotten closer to doing what He does that we’ve come up with a god-complex
  9. Ethics and morals. Hmmm, who told you that killing was wrong?
  10. Yet here we are, surfing Facebook.
  11. As predicted by us?
  12. It’s finally catching on after thousands of years, independent learning  (click me if you don’t believe)!
  13. He came to correct those who were teaching it wrong actually
  14. Some seem to learn better out of school
  15. Eventually summarised to 2, and thankfully we’re not penalised for failure
  16. Did you get the memo about the 24-hour hotline?
  17. He’s the boss God

Time for sleep! Goodnight!


Sinbad the Snake

Inspired by a viral internet story, The Oath by Frank Peretti, and a reflection on life.

The boy squealed in glee as his new pet wrapped itself around his fingers – a spotted python. He named it Sinbad.

Everyday, the boy would feed Sinbad and play with it. The two were inseparable; each night, the boy put Sinbad beside his pillow as it entwined itself around his wrist.

Years later, the boy had grown into a young man, and Sinbad a majestic creature with scales that glistened in the sun. Spanning four-metres, it was a sight to behold.

“Sinbad, you have to eat…”

The snake ignored the wriggling mouse being dangled over its head, its forking tongue dancing wildly.

That night, Sinbad’s cold deadly eyes fixed itself on the young man. For an entire week it had been saving it’s appetite for this prize (that’s what pythons do, they stretch out their stomachs and make space for big prey). Stretching out its body, Sinbad’s fanged mouth opened wide. The young man awoke to a sharp piercing pain, but it was too late. His screams drowned out by Sinbad’s malicious hissing.

Some times, we entertain sin because of the temporary happiness it brings. Like the young boy, we keep Sin as a pet for companionship. We feed it, and it grows stronger and stronger… At first it seems beautiful, like Sinbad’s majestic exterior. But only until the day that we learn we were never its master; it’s too late once we’re completely consumed by it. This is Truth we have to learn to grapple with. You might ask, did the young man survive? That depends on his choices… But one thing’s for sure, if you sleep with sin, be sure that it’ll bite back one day.

And What Good

“Have you been faithful?”

“Lord, I have had little money. Look at my brother, his riches abound. Check his books! More than once he’s kept for himself a tidy sum. You won’t tell him I’m the one who said so would you? Don’t forget my neighbour while you’re at it, I’m certain her money doesn’t grow on trees. Surely, you will find me faithful in comparison against them. Humbly I have lived hand to mouth. I don’t think I had much.”

“Hasn’t it been said, be faithful to the little things…?”

“Yes yes, I have lived humbly from hand to mouth, all the time. There was little to be faithful to anyway. Have you seen those who have glory, riches, and power? If I had been bestowed that, surely I would have been a good steward. I would have used the glory to spread Your name. Spent my riches building a home for the lost. Used my power to rescue the weak. Alas, I was not dealt these cards in life.”

“Covetous fool… Why do you long for what is not yours?”

“Because I have nothing! NOTHING! Pffph. Look at my brother, you blessed him but never me!”

“I was with you…”

“And what good was that for me on Earth?”

“And what good are riches for you here in Heaven?”