Why God never received a PhD

Saw this posted on Facebook. Decided to take a jab at it since Philosophy encourages reasoning :S


  1. Which of the 66 books are we referring to?
  2. Translated into 554 languages as of September 2016
  3. Jesus fulfilled more than 300 prophecies written over 1500 years. How about a Cross reference?
  4. Who would you nominate for God’s peer review?
  5. Some don’t
  6. He keeps the galaxy orbiting and gravity going so people can learn to keep their feet on their ground
  7. It works both ways
  8. I believe it’s actually because we’ve gotten closer to doing what He does that we’ve come up with a god-complex
  9. Ethics and morals. Hmmm, who told you that killing was wrong?
  10. Yet here we are, surfing Facebook.
  11. As predicted by us?
  12. It’s finally catching on after thousands of years, independent learning  (click me if you don’t believe)!
  13. He came to correct those who were teaching it wrong actually
  14. Some seem to learn better out of school
  15. Eventually summarised to 2, and thankfully we’re not penalised for failure
  16. Did you get the memo about the 24-hour hotline?
  17. He’s the boss God

Time for sleep! Goodnight!


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