A little light

It’s Children’s Day today.

Before my lesson started, I headed to the usual store to buy sweets and some of those old-school bubble balloons as a gift for my class. As I was at the cashier, a lanky teenage boy trotted over… I wondered why his back was bent over. Peering over his shoulder, I saw his little sister hugging him piggyback. Both of them looked a little scruffy.

Then, I saw her eyes light up after noticing a rack of lightbulb keychains. Her brother’s fingers twiddled over the glass bulbs.

“How much is one?”

Barely lifting up his eyes, the shop assistant answered, “One dollar!”

“One dollar…” the boy repeated to himself.

He tugged at one of the keychains gingerly. Glancing at his sister, and taking one more look at the rack, he was off on his way.

I’m not sure what got into me, but I grabbed one of the lightbulb keychains and added it to the mess of sweets I had on the counter. Hastily, I paid for it and made my way out of the shop. Only a few seconds had passed… Surely I’d be able to find them, I thought to myself…

I walked through the bazaar stores and hawker centre, hoping to catch a glimpse of them. Nothing. I whispered a silent prayer under my breath; that I would be able to find them.

Alas, I did not find the siblings, and I was out of time. Back in class, the children squealed in glee as they received their gifts. I laughed at the joy on their faces, yet my eyes slowly drifted to the lightbulb on the table.


Perhaps this is how Jesus felt when He spoke of the one lost sheep… I wonder if I would get to see them again, and get to pass them the keychain. Maybe, one day. And hopefully, that would make the child’s day.


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