A Circle.

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A circle. That’s how many of my fondest memories in church begin. From a casual gathering after service, to impromptu gatherings, to connect groups, to ministry debriefs… We’re gathered in a circle. We share stories in these circles – our encounters with God, our lives, our funny stories.

On our 20th anniversary celebration, I saw how much bigger this circle has grown. Yet this circle, ever big it grows, ever feels like family. It is family. Over the weekend, we shared stories in a circle – our encounters with God, our lives, our funny stories.

Pastor How and Pastor Lia shared that the HOGC story is about all of us… And that’s what I feel is the beauty of this circle; we don’t need to stand out, but stand beside and around each other. At the same time, we are grateful and honour our SPs who first pulled together and built this circle.

And this story doesn’t end with us, it’s about Jesus! To the next 20 years and beyond… Till Heaven, where everything comes full circle. To God be the glory!