Tonsils. Everybody’s got a pair. Except for me.

When I was in primary school, I had bouts of fevers, coughs, and sore throats. My tonsils were always inflamed, getting infected – a constant source of pain and discomfort.

Tonsillitis. That’s what the doctor said.

It got so bad that they told me I should have them removed.

People were cool showing off their scars after they removed their appendicits. Tonsils? I would have liked to have something to show off too.

So, before the operation, I remember asking the doc or my parents if I could keep them in a jar after they were out. They laughed it off. I mean, I was a sentimental boy… These things have been a part of me for a good ten years.

The day finally came, and I was rolled into the operating theatre. It’s pretty scary for a ten-year old. The nurses were friendly. They put a mask on me and said, “let’s count to ten!”

“Ten, nine, eight…”

I was out cold. Anesthetic. I felt cheated… Counting to five would have done it.

In the middle of the operation, I had a few seconds of consciousness.

“We’re going in.” The doctor said, as I felt the icy cold metal apparatus reach into my throat. As a ten-year old I always imagined they were going to cut them tonsils out from the outside. Thank goodness the sleepy gas kicked back in, knocking me out in time.

I woke up with a terrible sore throat. It was as if I was in a desert – a parched throat and eaten some sand by accident.

Apple juice. That was the first drink the nurses gave me. I loved how it felt going down my throat. Till today I still have fond memories of apple juice. I know I can count on a good cup to save me from anything bad.

I missed my tonsils. I missed feeling my throat with my fingers to see if they were inflamed.

A week later, I felt all healthy again. I’m glad I took them tonsils out. And I’m glad I didn’t get to keep them in the jar.

Knowing my family tried all antibiotics and medicines… It was the only way to save the rest of me, to allow me to lead a healthy rest of my life.

Bye tonsils.

As the saying goes… What’s true for the natural, is also true for the spiritual.