Today, I got a new stash of books for the children in class. I promised them that one of them would win a prize after the class test… JUST ONE (because books are not that cheap haha). But as I went book shopping a familiar gut-feeling kicked me to grab a few more. It is a small price to pay if a child acquires a love for reading, or a curiosity for the world around them.

Oh, how their faces lit up as they were handed the books. As they were captivated by the book summaries… I watched on as they held the books gently, carefully opening them so as not to injure the book’s spine.

It’s a heartening thought to know they’ll be occupied the next few days (PSLE marking days) with something without a screen – to have some time to navigate his or her thoughts and imagination, before being bombarded by others’ on the internet. And…. a few of them naughty ones didn’t come for class… I guess I could read the copy of Mr Stink that isn’t taken yet…. Right???

P.s. David Walliams is the new Roald Dahl

(Quentin Blake drew on a few of his titles too)


Booktique: Where Writers Shop

I first chanced upon the pop-up store, Booktique, at the Cathay – a quaint little shop tucked between Starbucks and some perfume store. The first thing I noticed the quiet shop was its signboard:

“Booktique: Where Writers Shop”

Crossing my fingers, I hoped it was not going to be a stationery joint for “writing”. Stepping in, I saw collections of interesting literature – Shakespeare, Poe, the Classics… they had it all. What made me most excited was when I reached an entire table on the right corner… an actual table stacked with books on WRITING.

In the past, I would only able to get my hands on Copywriting material from Basheer or Kinokuniya, and sometimes, Times. Here, the books seemed to be carefully selected, and meticulously wrapped too!

Then, I was encouraged to pick up a copy of Copywriting (Ha! Pun number 2, did you spot the first?). I already had an earlier edition of the book but delighted to know I would no longer have to go on a wild-goose chase to get another. It would all be available here…in the Booktique!

It turns out that the man who encouraged me to get the book was Anthony. Anthony is a writer himself, and you can read about his idea behind starting Booktique (click here)! He’s really nice and would even help reserve / order in books if I chope them quick enough when he releases them on the shop’s Facebook page.


Some of the books I’ve met at Booktique

Over the months, I found myself visiting the store to get my next reading fix. Soon, Booktique ended its pop-up at the Cathay and moved on to Citylink Mall. And yesterday, it ended its last day at Citylink Mall – six months passed by so quickly! I managed to rush down last night for a last look at the shop, and get myself one last book there.

Inspiration and Motivation for Writers Chloe Henderson

If you love writing, you have to visit them… Of course, they have a good selection of contemporary and local works for a casual reader too; I first saw Neil Gaiman’s ‘Fortunately The Milk’ here, and not in Popular. You neeeeeeeed to check them out… When they’ve found a new store location of course!

Pop-up again and see you soon, Booktique! I’ll just shop at uhhhh…I-don’t-know-where for my writing books till then…