A caffeinated epiphany.

Why do people drink coffee? I never understood why adults drank so much of it. I mean, why? They were guzzling down coffee faster than I could say starbucks-iced-blended-caramel-frappucino (the only coffee I drank – more for the caramel and whipped cream). The adults stood by their conviction. Fists up high, I made known mine.


Aged twenty-five, Ming Rong stands corrected. Now dependant on a kopi-peng a day, he believes coffee is a lifehack. Now that he understands why adults drink coffee… he presents: an epiphany by coffee.

Sometimes when we are young (and possibly naive), we cannot understand why our parents and leaders made the decisions the way they did. I never understood why they drank coffee.

Even if we did, we would only see a fraction of the bigger picture. Maybe, it was just a really really nice drink?

Why did they have to be so strict and harsh? Why kopi-o (black) and not kopi (brown), you know, condense milk sweeter ya?

Why weren’t they more understanding? Why not tea instead, why must be coffee?

The tough thing about being responsible for many people, is making decisions that inevitably costs someone something. It’s for your own good… Words we took in but never fully understood.

Why am I thinking about this now? It could be the elections… it could be the things I read about people talking about how mad they are. It could be the kopi-peng.

Or perhaps, I’m finally learning that making choices for people around me comes with a price. Maybe, I’m just a little closer to understanding how those in bigger shoes than mine are faced with greater decisions every day. And the loudest disgruntled voices are those who don’t have that weight on their shoulders.

Making a decision that affects 5 people and 20 is very different. Making a decision that affects 100 people and 1000 is very very different. Making a decision that affects 10000 people and 1000000 is very very very different.

Perhaps, perhaps.

Perhaps I need another cup of kopi-peng now tomorrow.