Did you see me under the Fig Tree?

We had a stayover to celebrate the end of the university exams last night! Somehow, ten of us managed to squeeze into my room. We played Bang! and Coloretto… These games and Saboteur are games that are tests of friendship. How much do you really trust me? Am I on your side?

Playing Bang!
Playing Bang!

After everything, the dudes then went on to watch Taken 3… While some of us were taken by the zzz monster. The highlight of the night had to be when it was three-ish close to four. We had just finished another round of Bang! and decided to take a time out to head under the fig tree. Pastor Cecilia Chan had shared with us over the weekend about spending time under the fig tree – spending time with God in His presence. So, we put aside our card games for a moment. We took out a guitar, and started to worship, singing really softly so we wouldn’t disturb the neighbours. It’s hard to explain but it was such a sweet moment.

“I draw near… I draw near… to You… You draw near… You draw near… to me…”

There in His presence there was a peace, and we felt so refreshed (yes, even at 4am).

I remember Pastor Cecilia Chan sharing with us before that it’s not the glamorous moments where we encounter God, but the most heartfelt ones. It’s those when we put aside all our worries, fears, pride…When we have no pre-conceived idea of how we’re going to encounter God. When we come before God and say “I really really need You…” You see, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! The same presence of God that touched me years ago is the same presence last night. Some days, I just need to un-complicate myself and get my heart right before Him. Can’t wait to hear Part 2 of The Fig Tree tomorrow!


Impromptu Inter-Zone Games


After dinner today, we headed to Kallang Wave Mall where BW, CM, E, and G Zone came together for some impromptu inter-zone games. We played a game called whisper which was absolutelyyyyyyy fun. A pair from each zone was selected: the guesser would have earphones plugged in, not able to hear anything, while the partner would have to mouth out the words to be guessed. The .gif shows KS and Marcus in an epic tag team guessing the word ‘Chelsea’.

Xing and Sooyee were really good at the game. They managed to guess sentences like “put the elephant in the refrigerator”. They were an ama-xing team (harharhar).

Hahaha, it’s moments like these to be treasured.