Taking five instead of two.

If you’re a regular around Paya Lebar, you’ll know that the taxi stand has shifted across the road (to Paya Lebar Square) from Singpost.

However, errant taxi drivers continue to stop opposite the stand…this of course would not seem much of a problem UNLESS you’re the one waiting for a taxi at the stand. And so, to my surprise, this LTA officer became a common feature in the afternoons. It was magical. Almost as if they had set up a force field, the taxi drivers seemed to swerve away from drop-off point – almost speeding into the taxi stand at Paya Lebar Square. Without lifting a finger!

LTA Officer Paya Lebar Square

It’s natural for humans to take the easiest way out. Why spend more time taking five minutes when the easier way only takes two, right? Well, do you choose to do what’s right, or take the easier way out?