Why did the recent horrific attacks gain more media attention than the ongoing devastation in war-torn nations? That question has been thrown around a lot these past two days.

If we take a step back and be clinical about it, perhaps, there are less journalists willing to put their life on the line to constantly bring back stories from afar. If you ask me, maybe the majority of the people reading the news would not be able to fully empathise with what’s going on from behind their screens.

The reason to me, however, is hauntingly simple… It could have been you and me.

A Friday night routine, heading to the theatre. Enjoying a coffee because TGIF. Walking along a bustling city street… It could have been you and me.

Our notion of safety and security in our every day life is subverted. Deep down, there’s a tinge of fear… Reading the news this morning, it said that Singapore is not spared from being a target. That turned my stomach a little. It could have been you and me. Or rather, it could still be you and me.

So, let us not be quick to raise our flags and point out, of how everyone has forgotten about another part of the world, just because of hashtags or a splash of colour on their profile picture. It is not time to point fingers, but to take hope, instead, that perhaps we are still able to rally together to make this world a better place – that you are alive and well, to stand for your cause another day.

Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Japan… Our hearts are with you… When all is lost, hope remains.

Saw this poem posted by Esmonde last night:

Later that night I held an atlas in my lap
Ran my fingers across the whole world
And whispered
Where does it hurt?

It answered

– Warsan Shire