Today, I got a new stash of books for the children in class. I promised them that one of them would win a prize after the class test… JUST ONE (because books are not that cheap haha). But as I went book shopping a familiar gut-feeling kicked me to grab a few more. It is a small price to pay if a child acquires a love for reading, or a curiosity for the world around them.

Oh, how their faces lit up as they were handed the books. As they were captivated by the book summaries… I watched on as they held the books gently, carefully opening them so as not to injure the book’s spine.

It’s a heartening thought to know they’ll be occupied the next few days (PSLE marking days) with something without a screen – to have some time to navigate his or her thoughts and imagination, before being bombarded by others’ on the internet. And…. a few of them naughty ones didn’t come for class… I guess I could read the copy of Mr Stink that isn’t taken yet…. Right???

P.s. David Walliams is the new Roald Dahl

(Quentin Blake drew on a few of his titles too)