Listening Comprehension

Listening seems simple enough. We listen everyday, don’t we?

But… How many of us listen closely enough? It’s when you listen closely that you hear the little things. These things that matter and could change your life.

We often hear of people complaining about others and how “this person has an anger issue”, or how “this person is so selfish”. Well, if you listen close enough, maybe you’ll understand why that person in question person is the way he or she is… You’ll have a glimpse into the person’s life, and that’ll change your perspective.

When Pastor Tan Seow How and Pastor Cecilia Chan shared with us about the fig tree, there were so many wonderful principles to learn and catch! However, I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing out for the little things.

I remember clearly that Pastor Cecilia Chan shared how she would be found kneeling by her bedside praying very often. That’s what I wanted to do too! I started in the mornings before heading out for work… and in those moments are when I learnt to pray to God about the day ahead, about problems that are bugging me, about having faith to overcome them. It worked because the bed is where I start and end my day; going by the corner to get under the fig tree is really pretty easy and fast. You know how it is… The moment the rush of the day sets in there’s no time for anything else… if you put it off for later, it’ll never happen.

Many people complain about how they don’t hear from God anymore, or how churches are getting too busy. I sincerely beg to differ. In Heart of God Church, I hear so much… All I need to do is to listen carefully.

When you start to listen, listen carefully, and closely – you’ll realise there’s so much more to be heard. God whispers in a still small voice, it’s time to start hearing out for the little things! Try it – this weekend in church, when you’re talking to your friends, even when you’re sitting on the train home… Aiyoh, how can you eavesdrop? Seriously, they talk so loud what!!! Hahaha..

TGIF everyone!